Our mission statement

COLORADO SILICON NETWORK's (CSN) mission is to accelerate the growth and to increase the return on the invested capital of the state's Information-Communications Technology (ICT) industry by fostering a more effective commercial ecosystem through collaboration, integration, innovation and — most importantly — promotion.

  • CSN is a private sector initiative.
  • CSN is neither an economic development agency nor a Chamber of Commerce.
  • CSN is apolitical. It is not a lobby. It is not a trade association.
  • CSN is a promotion, awareness and marketing vehicle.
  • CSN has been and will continue to be a catalyst for growth in Colorado's ICT sector.

CSN organizers believe that we can help those companies that have already located here to continue to flourish and grow. For those companies whose headquarters are located elsewhere, we can point out why Colorado is a place where your office will prosper.

CSN believes that true economic growth in a "flat world" comes from creating Capital and growing our own enterprises — not from importing jobs.

CSN believes that Capital makes workers more productive, increases output, and provides the resources for people to achieve their economic, personal, and social goals.

CSN believes Capital comes in many forms; modern equipment, efficient facilities, new technologies, high-speed communications networks, and improved education. All represent the stored energy of previous generations of investors, innovators, entrepreneurs, and workers.

CSN believes a rising tide raises all boats. If Colorado’s ICT sector flourishes, all sectors of the state’s economy will flourish.

CSN believes the historic dislocations in world currency markets provide an opportunity to attract IP-based members of the global ICT industry to Colorado.

CSN believes that the current economic downturn is a threat to the local facilities of companies not headquartered in the state.

CSN will focus on the integrated circuit (silicon chip) sector, attendant microelectronic disciplines and the closely allied wireless sector. More than a third of Colorado’s exports are directly related to ICT. The state’s largest export class is semiconductors (chips).

CSN believes it is easier to attract and retain knowledge-based businesses to a region when that region has a global reputation for its depth of expertise and its culture of fostering growth.

CSN believes it is easier to attract venture capital and acquisition capital to a region when we have an established reputation for drawing the brightest and the best, and then letting them spread their wings to build enterprises.

CSN believes it is easier for universities to attract research and development grants, endowments, bequests, high-talent students and world-class academics in Colorado because it fosters innovatio and growth.

CSN aspires to be a leading provider of web-based resources and information to the Information Communication Technology industry.

CSN hopes to accelerate communication and discovery among business and scientific leaders in the ICT market.

CSN aspires to build a well-established site infrastructure and loyal online audience.

CSN plans to offer an unparalleled distribution channel for recruitment, investment, product, event and other ICT industry messages in the region.

CSN plans to periodically publish news, information and research tools for IT professionals and students.

Content may be created in-house, in coordination with similar enterprises, in coordination with local business journals and with news aggregators.

Content may include topical reviews and articles on cutting edge topics in ICT, the latest news from academic and industrial labs and organized collections of internet links and web-based tools.

At CSN, we believe that the self-organizing networks that span the globe are the most notable feature of science today. We hope to inspire similar networks within our infrastructure and to capitalize on them for our growth and long-term viability.