Colorado Silicon Network

Colorado Silicon Network provides news and national and international promotion for Colorado's microelectronics sector.

Colorado Silicon Network is a tool for those corporations, universities, laboratories, investors and other stakeholders in the State's economy that are located here. But, it's also an informative resource for those ICT enterprises in North America and around the world that would come to Colorado to do business. Those enterprises will find a welcoming, highly skilled ICT community in which they can thrive. And, they will find a platform from which they can expand easily across North America.

In the short, 40-mile corridor between Fort Collins and Boulder, there are almost five times as many integrated circuit designers and microelectronics jobs as there are in the largest similar cluster in Europe.

Between Fort Collins and Boulder, you will find the Colorado offices of such world leaders as AMD, Avago, Agilent, Broadcom, Google, HP, IBM, Kyocera, LSI Logic, Maxim, Microsoft, National Semi, SUN, Seagate, Qualcomm, Xilinx and more. In fact, more than a third of the state’s total exports* are ICT- related microelectronics products such as semiconductors, electronic medical devices, telecommunication equipment, computers and peripherals.

Colorado Silicon Network’s only mission is to preserve, protect, nurture and grow the unique asset (Colorado’s ICT sector) that is the enabling backbone of the State's economy. Colorado Silicon Network is a private, web-based, initiative. It is not funded by any governmental agency. 
* Source: World Trade Center Denver