Will Strauss: Wireless/DSP Newsletter


Freescale Moving from PowerPC to ARM? By all appearances, Freescale is moving beyond (if not away from) the PowerPC business in a big way and jumping on to ARM-based solutions. Last week, the company introduced new ARM-based products, in one case adding 8-core ARM 64-bit 2GHz Cortex-A57s for its new QorIQ LS2... Read More »

Forward Concepts Wireless/DSP Newsletter 10-18-2013

CEVA Introduces Vector Floating-Point DSP Core Addressing the wireless infrastructure modem chip market, rather than the handset chip market, CEVA has introduced theCEVA XC4500 DSP core, which they claim to be "the world’s first vector floating-point DSP specifically designed for advanced... Read More »

Forward Concepts Wireless/DSP Newsletter 8-12-2013

Intel's Surprise Mobile Acquisition Late last month, Intel quietly acquired Tempe, Arizona-based Fujitsu Semiconductor Wireless.  To my knowledge, no news announcement has been made, but this is a very important move for Intel as Fujitsu Wireless had developed probably the most... Read More »

Forward Concepts Wireless/DSP Newsletter 7-15-2013

Nokia Goes Bold with Lumia 1020 The 41MP camera is the central focus (pun intended) of Nokia's newest smartphone, the Lumia 1020.  You may recall that I have pointed out that the smartphone is rapidly replacing the pocket digital camera… causing camera companies to now... Read More »

Forward Concepts Wireless/DSP Newsletter 6-4-2013

Intel's New CEO Leans Mobile   Since Brian Krzanich became Intel's new CEO, his first move was to institute a reorganization of the company, resulting in a number of quiet redundancies.  His quick second and more visible move last month was to acquire ST-Ericsson's GPS... Read More »

Forward Concepts Wireless/DSP Newsletter 5-15-2013

Intel: Third Time is a Charm (or is it the Fourth?)   How many times have we heard Intel say that its next member of the Atom processor line would finally be competitive with low-power ARM implementations? Every other year Intel carts out a new variant that will "finally... Read More »

Forward Concepts Wireless/DSP Newsletter 3-12-2013

Cadence Design to buy Tensilica Yesterday, Cadence Design Systems announced plans to purchase privately held Tensilica Inc. for $380 million cash. The deal gives San Jose-based Cadence a larger portfolio of chip intellectual property so that its customers can create chips for mobile wireless, network... Read More »

Forward Concepts Wireless/DSP Newsletter 1-14-2013

A Short Observation on CES The mainstream technical media has already extolled the virtues of last week's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, but here's my brief observation:  Last year's hot emphasis was on 3D TVs; this year's emphasis was on 4K TVs (also... Read More »

Forward Concepts Wireless/DSP Newsletter 12-3-2012

Freescale Exits DSP; Or Did They Really? Last month, Freescale Semiconductor announced that they were terminating their stand-alone DSP business development and curtailing some multimedia development, leading to layoffs of a number of people, including over 100 in Israel.  However, Freescale will continue to... Read More »

Forward Concepts Wireless/DSP Newsletter 11-12-2012

Qualcomm Leads in Global DSP Silicon Shipments When people speak of "DSP chips", they are usually referring to discrete devices that are catalog or "off-the-shelf" units; although at the high end they tend to be customized for high-volume customers. And, they correctly associate Texas... Read More »